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River Baptisms

Baptism is an outward sign of an inner change and one of our favorite summer events is River Baptisms. We meet at Reid Merrill Park and then walk down to the river to celebrate with those that have made a commitment to follow Jesus. Save the date as you will not want to miss it! If you are interested in being baptized that day, you can sign up for more information HERE.

River Baptism Recap

Check out the recap from our River Baptisms from July 28, 2019. It was so amazing celebrating with all those that made that public proclamation!

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Community Groups

Community Groups are a key part of our growth as Christ followers and a huge part of feeling connected here at Stonehill. We’re excited for the fall semester and sign-ups will be starting in just a few weeks!

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Child Dedications

On September 22 we’ll be having child dedications in service. This is a great chance as a parent to declare your desire to raise your children in the ways of the Lord. We’d love to have you join us and be able to pray for you. You can sign up HERE.