Stonehill Blessing Stories

On Sunday, September 17, 2023, everyone who attended Stonehill services received cash. If you received this cash, the purpose of it is to bless someone with generosity.  

Here are some guidelines.

1. We want you to use the money in the way that you sense God telling you to use it. Think about who is in your life that could be blessed by this money? Do not overthink it!
2.  You would have received anywhere between $5-$100.  Feel free to add to the amount you were given or combine with your family members for one gift.
3. We are asking you to do something with it by October 1.
4.  Please do not just leave the money laying around somewhere. Use it to be the light of Christ.
5. Please share story of what you did with the money!  If you bought a coffee, let us know. If you bought a car, let us know. Small or big let us know.   Feel free to just write a sentence or two or as much as you would like!