Leadership & Staff


Doug Connelly

Lead Pastor

Chris McElwee

Executive Pastor

Kason Wedel

Creative Arts Director

Eric Moody

Student Ministries Director

Amy Caron

Outreach Coordinator

Susan Dunn

First Impressions & Office Coordinator

Bronson Sandvik

Worship Coordinator

James Lott

Kids Ministries Director

David Adams

Middle School Coordinator

Michelle White

Financial Assistant

Heather Connelly

Connections Director

Jarrod Smith

Communications Coordinator

Danna Puckett

Connections Coordinator

Jess Millstead

Early Childhood Coordinator

Patti Alexander

Office Coordinator

Meet the Elders

The purpose of the Elder team is to lead Stonehill Church in the overall spiritual and philosophical direction.

Jeff Harvey

Jason Reddy

Rick Rablin

Luke Gregory

Doug Connelly

Meet the Leadership Team

The purpose of the Leadership team is to guide Stonehill Church in financial, business, facility,  and human resource decisions. 

Mike Johnson

Brett Clancy

Kirsten Grunzke

Chris McElwee

Craig Wiedmeier

Michelle White