Our Mission

To love all people and help them find and follow Jesus.



PB & J (Prayer, Bible and Jesus)
Stonehill is a place for people on every part of the spiritual journey. The Bible presents an amazing message of life change but is filled with hope and daily instruction and when coupled with power of prayer, Jesus fills our life with power and confidence to walk through anything that life brings at us.

2 Timothy 3:16
Phil 4:16
Phil. 2:10
We can do more by doing less. We realize we can’t do everything—but what we, as a community, are called by God to do, we do with excellence. This calling is called the Great Commission.

Matthew 28:19, 20
We are not to be spiritual consumers. We are all called to be spiritual contributors. God created you with gifts and skills that you can use to change lives in your community and the world.  Because of this we will be generous with our time, talent, and money.

I Peter 4:10-11
We are messy and we embrace the mess.  Let’s get real. We believe we can’t be what God has called us to be if we play games with each other. Whether it’s what happens on stage, within our smaller communities, in serving teams or in our homes, we need to be able to share our faults and weaknesses and not fake it. Let’s just be real!

I John 1:8-9
We will go deep in God’s amazing truth, but will also go wide in connecting people with Jesus.  It’s not either/or, it is both. We do this through real relationships and building a community of support that reaches far beyond the church doors.

Matthew 28:19
We will make Jesus visible by serving our Community. We understand that God’s calling on our church is to go beyond just serving inside the walls of our church. We are constantly looking for opportunities to honor God and shine his light by serving others.

Matthew 5:14
We will grow as we multiply leaders and disciples. We want to send God’s message out into the world by reproducing everything from the weekend program to community group leaders. Stonehill wants to be a place where Christ-followers reproduce Christ-followers, leaders reproduce leaders, and churches reproduce other churches.

Matthew 28:19