We believe doing life together in biblical community is one of the most important things we do. That is why we have Community Groups. Community Groups are made up of 10-15 people who meet weekly in the semester to encourage, study the Bible, have fun together, and just pour into each other. There are couples, men's, women's, and other types of groups.  We all need people in our lives to love, support, and encourage growth–and this is a perfect place for that.

FAQ ABOUT Community groups

How long do Community groups meet for each week? 

Community groups often meet for 90 minutes. There are groups that meet throughout the week and the meeting times differ between each group. Be sure to find a group that meets at a time that allows you to attend regularly. 

Is childcare provided?

Childcare is provided by some community groups. This is fully dependent on the group. Whether or not a group provides childcare, can be found in the description for the group.

Why have semesters for community groups?

Semesters allow for natural breaks for groups. They are long enough for groups to build meaningful connections and short enough that people feel comfortable committing to a group. Semesters also make it easy to allow new people to join groups at given times. 

How long are you committing to be in a group?

Community groups go for around 4-10 weeks at a time. We have three semesters. A winter semester that starts in January or February, a mini summer semester, and a fall semester that starts in September. Group members can choose to stay with a group for each semester or join a different group at the beginning of a new semester. 

How do I become a leader?

At Stonehill we are passionate about developing and empowering leaders. If you would like to host or lead a group, send us a message below and we will connect with you. 

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