To cultivate a rhythm of service within our church, we are hosting our All-Church Serve Event from March 2nd to 16th.
This is an opportunity for us, as Stonehill Church, to embody the hands and feet of Jesus in our community.
Here are two options:

If you are part of a Community Group:
We are providing each community group with $100 as seed money to fund a service project of your choice. You are welcome to supplement this amount with your group's funds or utilize it as your entire budget; the only requirement is that you spend the entirety of the $100. We encourage you to convene as a group to select a project that will have a meaningful impact on both your group and our community.

Not a member of a community group?
No problem! We have organized a service project for you to participate in with Sleep In Heavenly Peace on March 2nd. You can register for this project using the link provided below. Should you have any questions regarding this event, please contact