Building Update June 30, 2024

Building Update from this Sunday

This building is essential for supporting our Stonehill congregation and serving our community. It will provide the necessary discipleship environments for every age group in our church and create a welcoming space for our community to experience our commitment to blessing and serving them. It will be designed to love all people and help them find and follow Jesus!

* So far, we have spent around $820,203 on architect fees, civil engineering fees, and other building expenses.

* After paying those expenses, and adding some additional cash we had already in a building fund, we currently have $3,443,424 in cash set aside for the next part of the building (as of 6-26-24).

* We are also currently saving approximately $52,000 per month to prepare for a mortgage payment, which is being added to our building fund in savings.

* By the end of the year, with this rate of saving for the mortgage payment and additional savings in our budget, we forecast having around $4 million to put down in cash on rest of the building expenses, (this is if we didn’t receive any other money.)
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