We believe that each one of us lives in this valley for a specific reason attached to God’s mission and plan for us. You might think you moved here just because of a job. You might think you moved here just because you thought it was a better community, had less crime, or a better cost of living. Maybe you think you moved here for politics, or even just for the beauty of Idaho.  
What if God having you in Idaho is less about you and me and more about an opportunity to love all people and help them find and follow Jesus? What if you are here in the  
Treasure Valley because God has you and your family here “For this Valley”.  

Primary Goal

More than anything, For the Valley is a discipleship initiative. Together, we want to learn new things about God and about ourselves.  Can you imagine what would happen if every single person at Stonehill chooses to engage and grow in generosity, becoming more like Christ?


For the Valley is a one-fund generosity initiative. We are trusting God for this amount to cover all of our expenses for the next two years, providing for our ongoing general budget and our additional vision. 
This year we are embarking on the largest initiative we have ever attempted, fully confident that God is leading us as we love our Valley. To do this, we believe God isn’t just calling us to be generous; He is calling us to have faith to walk into the unknown. What would it look like in YOUR life to trust him in greater ways than ever before? 


$3 million

$3,000,000 is the lifeblood of what we do daily.  (Our annual two year operating budget.)
This represents our general ministry and operating budget over two years. We need to continue to resource what we’re already doing so that it can scale alongside the growth that we’ve experienced over the last several years. 


$4 million 
$4,000,000 to break ground on our land on Amity Road (between Meridian Road and Linder) in Meridian.    

Initial Conceptional Designs

These are the first drafts of the conceptual designs.  In the next several months, we will begin to nail down more specifics. We want to be good stewards of God’s money given by our church, therefore we will design a building to be built in phases. We also will be working with our architects and general contractors to build a nice looking building but in an economical way using God’s resources in a wise way.